Taking great baby photos at home

Here at Snap Design Create we recognise how important it is to have really good photos if you are to create the best designs. Here are a few tips.

Take your time when taking photos of your newborn baby at home. Take it easy and try not to get too stressed out, as your baby will see this. You will be able to capture some gorgeous photos if you have patience.

If you want a variety of poses and backdrops, then it’s best you pace yourself. If you feel like the moment is just right, bring out the smartphone or camera and take some pictures. You'll be surprised by the results.

Many parents believe that they have to get all the newborn baby photos taken during the first two weeks, but you can still take newborn style photos for much longer than this. You can continue taking photos to capture the little changes.

Try to ensure that the baby is well rested and fed before you attempt to take photos. A cranky baby isn’t going to be a good subject. After the first few days, you'll know when the baby is happy and the most calm. Try to take photos then, probably during mid morning after a good feed and a good nap.

Lighting is key when it comes to taking photos. It will have the biggest impact on photos, next having a happy baby. As you’d expect, sunlight is definitely the most natural source of great lighting for taking baby's photos.

Try to ensure your baby is placed at an angle, not face on, and don’t illuminate your baby when taking photos. A lit up baby, especially from below, can spoil photos. It’s also sensible to create a warm and comfortable environment for the baby prior to taking photos. Babies like to feel cozy and warm if they are to be good subjects for photos.

Finally for this post, remove any clutter in the background if you want to take photos that look professional. You could, for example, drape a white sheet or blanket to create something of a backdrop to take newborn baby photos at home.